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"Specializing in Your Vision!"

We are a small, hard-working business. I have an array of lawn and garden equipment. I am willing to get anything out for your project. I have 4 snow plows, and several small snow blowers, power broom, and many hand tools. Leaf removal or yard clean up is also an option. I hope we can make your home or business more beautiful or accomodating. Please contact me about your area beatification needs.  

  • Roto-tilling for aerating and plow your lawn, garden, and more

  • Power broom for getting the gravel out of your yard, off your driveway, and more

  • De-thatcher (because the Alaska season is too short for decomposition)

  • Delivery with a conveyor pick up (for our ease and your cost-savings)

  • Tree stump removal 

  • Raised planters and retaining walls

  • Flower garden planting, weeding, and maintenance

  • Mowing includes removal of bagged clippings and weed-wacking

  • Power edger 

  • Renovate and refresh woodchip gardens (replace old wood mulch with real wood chips)

  • Aerating using a large, professional spiked roller 

  • Soil compacting before seeding and sodding to level out your lawn

  • "Progressive" lawn maintenance-small improvements over time at no additional charge (ask us!)

  • Hedge and tree trimming

  • Tree removal

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